Do you recognize anyone in this picture?

mentor-ron-and-a-few-menteesThat is, besides the guy front and center, Ron Anderson!

Ron, a.k.a. the godfather of Minneapolis advertising, was the mentor who had the greatest impact on my career. (And my spiritual life.)

I recently re-discovered this photo in my basement. Unfortunately, there’s no caption. So if you’re in this pic — or know someone who is — please help!


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18 thoughts on “Do you recognize anyone in this picture?

  1. I see Nancy Rice and Tom McElligott in there. And I think I recognize Pat Burnham too. I’ll forward to Bill Force.


  2. Hey Jim, thanks for ID’ing the first three. Only 14 more to go. Got fingers crossed Bill Force helps expand the list.


  3. Steve Centrillo says:

    Hey, David, I don’t know if you remember me telling you a few months ago that I used a picture of Ron and all the agency creative heads he had hired for new business, but this was the pic. I wish I could remember all the names. I know that’s Bill Hillsman in the lower right. And I’m pretty sure that’s Jac Coverdale on the top. And I’m getting forgetful, because there are at least a half dozen I recognize. Mike Gustafson is your man to identify a bunch of these folks.


  4. Ron Anderson, Jim Newcome, Pam Conboy, Nancy Rice, Bill Hillsman, Bill Miller, Tom McElligott, Peter Zamp,
    Pat Burnham, Kerry Casey, Pete Smith, Mike Lescarbeau, Bob Barrie, Gary Lamaster, Tom Lichdenheld, Mike Dodge.

    Sorry, Missing the short woman in the front, and the guy to the left of Nancy Rice.Know him, can’t remember the name,


  5. Left to right front,

    Jim Newcome, Ron Anderson, Unknown,
    2nd row: Nancy RicePam Conboy, Bill Hillsman,
    3rd row: Unknown, Bill Miller, Pat Burnham, Peter Zapt, Tom McElligott,
    4th row: Kerry Casey, Pete Smith,Tom Lichdenheld,
    5th row:Mike Dodge, Bob Barrie, Gary Lamaster, Mike Lescarbeau,


  6. Gayle Dieck says:

    Boy, you guys solved that one fast! Great photo, thanks for sharing.


  7. Kurt Tausche says:

    Here is complete list of Ron’s Kids in Pic:

    Front: Jim Newcombe, Ron Anderson, Virg Viner
    Row 2: Sam Avery, Nancy Rice, Pam Conboy, Bill Hillsman
    Row 3: Phil Hanft, Pat Burnham, Clark Lamm, Tom McElligott
    Row 4: Kerry Casey, Pete Smith, Ron Sackett
    Row 5: Bob Warren, Bob Barrie, Gary LaMaster, Rod Kilpatrick

    Other creatives not in shot (up to end of ’87 when I departed or early ’88 when shot was taken) include Kurt Tausche, Luke Sullivan, Tom Donovan, Dick Thomas, Bert Gardner, Mike Fazende, Clifford Goodenoough, Craig McNamara, Pete Pohl, Gregg Byers, Glen Wachowiak, Joel Mitchell, Leila McGrath, Mike Murray, John Francis, Ginny Selle, Jeff Terwilliger, Larry Jarvis, Craig Tanimoto, Jeff Jones, Bruce Hannum, Dick Briner, Jim Lacey, Sheila Berrigan, Ann Riebe Rhodes.

    Many more talents like Jamie Carlson Mahoney and MIke Gustafson came soon after

    Sorry if I missed anyone.


  8. Kurt Tausche says:

    Of course, now I remember a few more:
    John Morrison, Bill Hogan, Duane Wirak and Gerry Schmitt.


  9. Kurt Tausche says:

    Add Charlie Clark and Mike Dodge, as someone had mentioned although he’s not in shot.


  10. Virg Viner next to Ron,
    Sam Avery next to Nancy Rice.
    Thanks to Luke Sullivan.


  11. Gayle, Jim, Kurt, Mike, & Steve: Thanks for helping me tag this historical pic so quickly!

    And for your remarks!

    The observation that we’re “RON’S KIDS” and the thoughtful inclusion of “OTHERS NOT IN THE SHOT” got me thinking…

    …wouldn’t it be cool to “update this photo” by adding faces of ALL THE AD PROS (Creative, Account, Research, Media, PR and Clients) who’ve been influenced—directly or indirectly—by Ron?!

    Then WE could give it as a “THANK YOU” card to Ron (and his wife, Charlotte) for Christmas.

    (In my mind, it would be kind of like re-creating that scene in “It’s a Wonderful Life” when George Bailey is surrounded by all the people whose lives he touched. Only we’ll be harnessing the power of social media to do it.)

    Whaddya guys think?!


  12. Kurt Tausche says:

    Wonderful idea David! After what you did for L-AK, anything is possible!


  13. Anonymous says:

    As far as this iconic photo, I’m quite certain it was shot 21/4 format, Hasselblad, perhaps, by Tom Berthiaume who’s in his Nicollet/ 10th studio up on a ladder. I was his studio rep at the time, and am quite sure this is his wonderful photo.

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    • Bless you!!!! Are you still in touch with Mr. Berthiaume!?! If yes, let him know about this post. And we’ll keep fingers crossed he leaves a comment about his memory of that historic day and his priceless photo!


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