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Graphic Design Career Day 2014 at KCAD

David Wojdyla, Keynote speaker, shares “Top Three Things Learned Since Art School” including this advice from Ron Anderson, the godfather of Minneapolis advertising.

EVENT: Graphic Design Career Day 2014 at Kendall College of Art and Design of Ferris State University
VENUE: Woodbridge N. Ferris Building Rm. 217
DATE: April 9, 2014
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What is andvertising?


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“All creative work builds on what came before.” ~Austin Kleon

The two farmers in the Ocean Spray commercials have been on TV since 2005.

To me, they’re a pale imitation of Frank Bartles and Ed Jaymes (who were on TV from 1984-1991).

Here’s one of my favorites…

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How-To Book Coming in 2014

How-To Book Coming in 2014

Make room on your bookshelf (or on your Kindle) for a new book about the “Father of Andvertising” and how to “make&s, not ads.”

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Burning the Candle or Burnt Candle? Personal Brand Lessons

busySharing inspirational blog post about “Personal Branding” by author, Don McLean:

“Burning the Candle or Burnt Candle? Personal Brand Lessons.”


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