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World's Toughest Job You Tube Video
This is one of those creative executions that makes me kick myself and say, “WOW! I wish I thought of that!”

Well written and well worth watching!!

BTW, after you watch it, please explain the 7,000+ “thumbs-downs” and all the negative comments!? Who are these people?


America’s First African-American Radio Announcer

America’s First African-American Radio Announcer

“The All-Negro Radio Hour” premiered on Chicago’s WSBC in late 1929. Jack L. Cooper was the host, producer, and announcer of the music/comedy/serial drama mashup.

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An informal history of advertising lecture by David Wojdyla

This iPhoto slideshow was created using key slides from a lecture delivered by the luckiest man in advertising to students at DePaul University College of Communication on 12.02.13.

BACK STORY: Wojdyla, a native Chicagoan, began his career on Madison Avenue. After 15 years in New York, he got homesick. Today, after almost 15 years of owning an ad agency in Chicago, he has a pretty strong opinion about which city is better.

That may be one reason why he was invited to be part of an intense two-week December session at DePaul University College of Communication titled, “The New York Way: In-Person Agency and Media Visits and Analysis.”

This integrated marketing (andvertising) course came about when three forward-looking professors (Ron Culp, Ken Krimstein, Cristina Benitez) all with a different area of expertise (Public Relations, Advertising, Latino Media and Communication) decided to take students into New York City to gain a deeper understanding of the structure, operations and culture of agencies and media in Chicago and New York.

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