On Michigan Avenue, an &vertising street team gets ready to hand out bookmarks and a 12-page brochure created for the Illinois State Bar Association. The ISBA’s “Legal Health Checkup” aims to build confidence in the legal profession and educate consumers about the value of hiring a lawyer.

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What is andvertising?


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America’s First African-American Radio Announcer

America’s First African-American Radio Announcer

“The All-Negro Radio Hour” premiered on Chicago’s WSBC in late 1929. Jack L. Cooper was the host, producer, and announcer of the music/comedy/serial drama mashup.

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How-To Book Coming in 2014

How-To Book Coming in 2014

Make room on your bookshelf (or on your Kindle) for a new book about the “Father of Andvertising” and how to “make&s, not ads.”

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“You have one new message.”

“You have one new message.”

We’ve always told clients, “There’s no such thing as bad publicity.” But now that our agency is on the receiving end of that advice, well, I’m not so sure. Would you call them back?


Best roller coaster ride in NYC

Best roller coaster ride in NYC

222 West 45th :: A play by Jon Robin Baitz & directed by Joe Mantello starring Stockard Channing, Stacy Keach, Judith Light, Elizabeth Marvel & Matthew Risch.